LexHarbor is an information technology services provider that fosters  empowered relationships with clients in diverse industries.  The LexHarbor team of experts has extensive experience in providing technology and business process solutions.   We partner with end-clients, implementation partners and primary vendors to assure the production of quality deliverables from each subcontract assigned, assuring the development of long term business relationships.  In particular, we provide an array of Information Technology services, including the following:

Network Administration/Database Management
Business realities require outdated software systems to be upgraded and stagnant legacy systems to be streamlined and operating more efficiently. Operating efficiency has become vital as businesses seek to get their arms around the largest databases and networks in the country.  Many companies’ information systems are clogged with a variety of old and disparate sources.  Legacy systems, databases, and data warehouses are “clogging” the systems  As these sources and data volumes multiply over time, it becomes to critical to incorporate, regiment and apply rules of order to avoid further data ‘glut’.

By offering quality database management services, LexHarbor offers insight into organizational needs and provides the roadmap for successful integration.  Similarly, LexHarbor personnel allow sophisticated organizations to effectively manage the constant stream of data passing back and forth on their computer networks, with an emphasis on security and user permissions.  

Application Development
Application development, the creation of programs that perform functions for software and hardware, is in great demand in an expanding economy.   LexHarbor can create many applications that, for example, run behind-the-scenes for tracking inventory, maintaining account balances and billing clients automatically. Once, applications focused primarily on functionality. Today, the most complex applications focus on elements such as speed, compatibility, security, scalability and customer experience. LexHarbor strives to create the fastest and the most user-friendly applications to meet these needs.



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